Imperial War Museum North – Wyndham Lewis: Life, Art, War

This major temporary exhibition marked the 60th anniversary of Lewis’ death and was the largest UK retrospective of his painting, drawing and literary output. With over 160 works and other objects on display this was also the Imperial War Museum’s largest visual arts exhibition to date.

By cutting away, removing or adapting parts of existing structures in the gallery we were able to craft a dynamic space which shifts and changes in tone to reflect Lewis' constantly developing artistic ideas. Cutting into walls also allowed views forward and backward in the narrative, creating connections and contrasts between periods. Colour was used to support the works in each section, starting brightly before moving to more muted tones to reflect Lewis’ own increasingly sombre outlook. 

A collaboration with graphic designers Hato and lighting designers DHA Designs. 

© IWM Art.IWM ART 2747

A Battery Shelled, 1919, Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957), oil on canvas, IWM.  

Exhibition photos copyright IWM